Croton Dam & Aqueduct 175th Anniversary Celebration

Sunday, October 8, 2017
3:00 pm5:00 pm
Croton Dam & Aqueduct 175th Anniversary Celebration

The pursuit of “pure and wholesome water” by the City of New York began before the revolution (1774). The inhabitants and elected officials knew then that for the city to grow, prosper and thrive a significant source of water would need to be found and brought to the city. With numerous fits and starts over 6 decades, elected official and engineers considered streams, brooks, rivers, marshes, wells and lakes in 3 states and the costs. Finally, in 1831 New York City upon the recommendation of its engineers and commissioners that the Croton River Valley would provide the consistent pure and wholesome water supply required, approved the building of the Croton Dam and Aqueduct (41 Miles through the Old Croton Aqueduct from the Old Croton Dam to the Central Park Reservoir).

A series of 4 presentations will be held, hosted by Hilltop Hanover Farm and a ceremony commemorating the significant accomplishment and contributions of many citizens in the building of the Croton Water System. Presenters include Bob Waterhouse former district supervisor at NYC DEP and Bob Giordano as well as other area experts will share the trials and tribulations faced by those tasked with finding the source of water, presenting and recommending the many different plans and finally implanting and completing the Croton Dam and Aqueduct System in 1842.

RSVP to Bob Giordano Cell 914-874-4347
Refreshments will be served and provided by local small businesses.

(Reservations Required, $25.00 suggested contribution)
Reception at Hilltop Hanover with local, county and NYC officials.

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