Beekeeping 101: Series & Intro

Saturday, April 7, 2018
10:00 am12:00 pm
Classroom - Barn F

Bee inspired to learn about the fascinating world of honeybees and beekeeping. This workshop is for anyone with an appreciation of bees and interest in backyard beekeeping. You will be introduced the basics about honeybee health, terms used in beekeeping, bee biology, a brief history of beekeeping, the members of the colony and their function, different hive types, tools and equipment. Guidance on how to purchase honeybees and get started with your own hive will be provided.

Beekeeping 101 Series includes 6 classes for $150; each individual class is $30

Beekeeping 101 Series:
-April 7th (10am-12pm) - Intro
-April 21st (10am-12pm) - Hive & Apiary Set Up
-May 26th (10am-12pm) - Planting for Pollinators
-June 30th (11am-1pm) - Hive Inspection and Maintenance
-September 15th (10am-12pm) - Honey Harvest
-November 10th (10am-12pm) - Products for the Hive & Home

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